Drama Nights 2024 Forget-me-not
日期: 2024-04-05 至 06
負責人: English Department
活動類別: 校內活動

Drama Nights rounded off with Big Grins and Joyful Noises!

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for witnessing with us the remarkable efforts of the cast and backstage teams that have made Drama Night 2024 unforgettable.
The event has taken the audience on an extraordinary journey, commencing with a meticulously crafted contemplative mini-drama and culminating in an enchanting student-composed musical of harmonious blending of melodious songs and beautiful choreography. What a joy it was!

地址: 香港九龍培正道20號
電話: 27119222
傳真: 27113201
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